Vision & Mission

Our Vision

Torrefied biomass is one of the most advanced solid biofuels, with the potential to become a standardised commodity and a tangible alternative to fossil fuels at a global scale. IBTC has been established to promote the use of torrefied biomass and to assist the development of its industry, based on fair business conditions. IBTC is committed to foster the use of torrefied biomass as an efficient energy carrier which can speed up the global transition towards a carbon-neutral energy system by 2050.

Our Mission

In order to increase awareness about this sustainable technology and its wide range benefits, IBTC aims to:

  • Promote the use of torrefied biomass by developing common positions in non-competitive matters;
  • Take part in initiatives and projects dedicated to biomass torrefaction market development;
  • Support knowledge-sharing among members and provide assistance for new comers;
  • Express the views of the torrefaction industry towards key stakeholders, decision makers, financial facilitators and the public opinion.
  • Shape a regulatory framework as well as  favourable market conditions for torrefied biomass while tackling potential national and international barriers;
  • Monitor relevant EU policy debates and push for actions on sustainability, air-emissions, heating & cooling, agriculture & forestry, renewable energy and energy efficiency;
  • Keep IBTC members constantly updated about new business opportunities from which they could benefit;
  • Create standards for torrefaction through active participation to certifications and permissions processes;
  • Develop and implement science-based research & studies on torrefied biomass as well as commissioning studies for gathering relevant knowledge to business developers;
  • Arrange and promote dedicated events/webinars and conferences for interested stakeholders, with the aim of creating a pleasant knowledge-sharing atmosphere;