Recording of webinar: Torrefaction – opportune time for development







On 7 April, International Biomass Torrefaction Council co-organised a webinar entitled “Torrefaction: opportune time for development”. 

Over 100 participants were able to learn more about industry, its technology, benefits of torrefied biomass and much more!

The webinar was introduced by Cristina Calderon (IBTC), followed by an introductory explanation of torrefaction by Michael Wild (IBTC). In the first section of the webinar, within the panel debate with Javier Gil Barno (CENER), Jo Sluijsmans (Torrcoal), Joris Spaan (Yilkins), Viktor Radic (Polytechnik), discussions encompassed subjects of technological approaches and feedstock/productions relation.

Following this, Jaap Kiel (TNO) gave a presentation on current focuses of research in torrefied biomass. In the second section of the webinar, within the panel debate with Bart de Vries (CEG), Yvan Guay (AIREX), James A. Mennell (National Carbon Technologies), Wolfgang Moser (Nextfuel AB), critical parameters for success in a torrefaction project was discussed. 

The webinar took place in collaboration with ETIP Bioenergy and with the support of the MUSIC H2020 project.