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Arsari Hak Biomass the energy of the future – Video
The full press release on this topic is available here
Technical improvements and economic-environmental assessment along the overall torrefaction supply chain through the SECTOR project Elsevier journal, March 2016
Check out this article concerning the torrefied biomass technology called "The perfect CO2 neutral coal substitute is maturing" and written
Pellets Markt und Trends May2015_Cofiring & Torrefizierung
Construction of the Airex Energy biomass torrefaction plant is now underway at Laprade industrial park in Becancour, Qc. Using Airex’s
The elections for the IBTC Presidency were held during the IBTC Steering Committee (16.04.2015, London), where Michael Wild was re-elected
Read the latest press release published by Torr-Coal announcing the accession of A. Hak Renewable Energy an AKA-BEL NV into
The research program investigates the use of torrefied biomass as a substitute for wood chips or regular wood pellets in
Michael Wild, IBTC president gives his views on the year ahead on Torrefaction to Bioenergy Insight magazine - "2017 Outlook: Spotlight
IEA Bioenergy Task 40 report, Possible effect of torrefaction on biomass trade Read here
IEA Bioenergy Task 32 report, Status overview of torrefaction technologies Read here
European project SECTOR, Production of Solid Sustainable Energy Carriers form Biomass by Means of Torrefaction Read here
IBTC: Setting the standards for torrefied biomass Cristina Calderon, Bioenergy Insight, May-June 2013