IBTC Membership

IBTC members are European and international companies developing biomass torrefaction technology, pellet /briquette machine manufacturers, the technical division of the utilities and national or sectoral associations as well as other bodies or groups dedicated to the promotion of the use of torrefied biomass. Bioenergy Europe membership is required in order to become an IBTC member.

IBTC has two membership categories:

  • Full Members (FM): System or component suppliers of biomass torrefaction production and consumption installations, as well as operators of such installations, and companies trading torrefied biomass.

Full Members constitute the IBTC Steering Committee.

  • Supporting Members (SM): Any other company, organisation or individual with an interest along the value chain of torrefied biomass and supporting the objectives of IBTC is eligible to become Supporting Member (e.g. ports/terminals, logistic providers, shipping companies, stevedores, consultants, associations, research institutions, certification companies, insurances).

Supporting members can participate to Membership Assemblies.


How do I join?

To apply for Bioenergy Europe/IBTC membership please click the button below. Alternatively, for more information on the network and its operations please contact, IBTC Manager, Gilles Gauthier