Torrefaction news

Contributing to carbon neutrality: Net Zero – SUEZ Group and Airex Energy will industrialize an innovative carbon capture solution to restore soil quality and act for the climate

June 15 2021 – SUEZ Group and Airex Energy have formed a partnership in order to provide solutions to regions and industries on their path towards carbon neutrality. The expertise of the two Groups will enable them to industrialize the recovery of biomass residues into biochar (a stable form of organic carbon), which is essential to the resilience, vitality and … Read More

PR: NextFuel signs agreement with Taaleri

(Stockholm, May 3, 2021): NextFuel AB and Taaleri Plc have signed an agreement giving Taaleri the right to license NextFuel’s new torrefaction technology in their planned biocoal project in Joensuu, Finland, and in other future projects. “We are pleased that Taaleri has chosen NextFuel as their technology partner, and we look forward to working closely together with them during this … Read More

Study of Emissions from Domestic Solid-Fuel Stove Combustion in Ireland by Arigna Fuels

A study has been published by Arigna Fuels that explored the emissions from domestic solid fuel stove combustion in Ireland.  Emissions from five solid fuels were quantified using a “conventional” and an Ecodesign stove. PM measurements were obtained using both “hot filter” sampling of the raw flue gas, and sampling of cooled, diluted flue gas using an Aerosol Chemical Speciation Monitor and … Read More

Recording of webinar: Torrefaction – opportune time for development

            On 7 April, International Biomass Torrefaction Council co-organised a webinar entitled “Torrefaction: opportune time for development”.  Over 100 participants were able to learn more about industry, its technology, benefits of torrefied biomass and much more! The webinar was introduced by Cristina Calderon (IBTC), followed by an introductory explanation of torrefaction by Michael Wild (IBTC). … Read More

Launch of new white and torrefied pellets production in Valongo, Portugal plant

Portuguese bioenergy company Futerra Torrefaçao e Tecnologia S.A. (Futerra Fuels) has commenced production of white and torrefied pellets in its recently built production plant in Valongo, Portugal. The plant includes 6 torrefaction lines delivered by Yilkins which are embedded in the broader plant set-up developed by Futerra. In the coming months the production of white pellets will be stepwise increased … Read More

Statistical Report 2020: Pellets – Out Now!

Bioenergy Europe is pleased to announce the release of the 6th chapter from its 2020 Statistical Report. Focusing on the wood pellet sector, this report provides readers with accurate, up-to-date data on the current state of play of the pellet market in Europe and beyond. It will provide an insight into the development of the production and consumption of wood … Read More

SSAB Brahestad successfully concludes blast furnace biocoal tests

As reported in Bioenergy International this month, Swedish-headed steel producer SSAB has disclosed test results revealing the usage of biocoal in the blast furnace at their SSAB Brahestad steelworks in Finland. Tests show that up to a 10% of biocoal blend is possible, which would reduce fossil carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by 100,000 tonnes a year.  Click here to read the full article   

Properties of Torrefied U.S. Waste Blends

Power generation facilities in the U.S. are looking for a potential renewable fuel that is sustainable, low-cost, complies with environmental regulation standards and is a drop-in fuel in the existing infrastructure. Although torrefied woody biomass, meets most of these requirements, its high cost, due to the use of woody biomass, prevented its commercialization. Industrial waste blends, which are also mostly … Read More

New Torrefaction Process Reduces Transportation Costs for Biomass

Researchers at Fraunhofer IGB developed an improved torrefaction process to make use of olive biomass. By LISA ANDERSON on July 9, 2018 Filed in  Business Waste from olive oil production is treated at a pilot plant in Spain that uses a unique torrefaction process to reduce transportation costs for biomass and produces green chemicals as a byproduct. It allows (the treatment of) waste … Read More