New fuels project in China targets cooking in the commercial sector

New fuels project in China targets cooking in the commercial sector The Alliance partnered with China’s Ministry of Agriculture, Shell, local governments, and Shengzhou Stove Manufacturer (SSM) to develop and launch a new clean cooking project in Zhejiang Province of China. The project aims to encourage commercial enterprises to switch from wood and coal to biomass pellets. According to the … Read More

Moving forward on black pellets 

Moving forward on black pellets Neatly tucked away in a workshop in Sundsvall, Sweden is a pilot reactor for producing steam exploded materials. A seemingly inconspicuous piece of kit, it belongs to a Valmet Fibre Technology R&D facility, a division of Finland-headed global forest industry and energy technology major Valmet Oyj. With its novel approach, the company may have cracked the “chicken and egg” market … Read More

Usine à pellets en Haute-Corrèze : le préfet donne son feu vert

Usine à pellets en Haute-Corrèze: le préfet donne son feu vert Mardi 17 avril 2018 à 17:58 par  Nicolas BlanzatFrance Bleu Creuse  et  France Bleu Limousin La préfecture de Corrèze annonce, ce mardi, que le préfet autorise la création de l’usine à pellets torréfiés sur la zone bois de Viam Bugeat. Ce projet controversé fait l’objet de vives oppositions en Haute-Corrèze. Feu vert pour l’usine de fabrication de pellets torréfiés en Haute-Corrèze. C’est ce qu’annonce, ce mardi, … Read More

AEBIOM 2016 Statistical Report

Every year since its debut release in 2007, AEBIOM´s Statistical Report provides an in-depth description of the bioenergy sector in the EU28 Member States. The AEBIOM Statistical Report has been enriched each year with new figures and information, collecting unique data on the developments of the European bioenergy market from a growing number of international contributors. AEBIOM is therefore able to develop a detailed … Read More