AEBIOM Statistical Report



Every year since its debut in 2007, the AEBIOM Statistical report has sought to provide readers with a comprehensive and timely overview of the bioenergy sector in Europe. The EU stakeholders’ increasing need for an understanding of such a fast-growing industry has instigated the creation of the AEBIOM Statistical Report. As bioenergy is covering – more than any other renewable energy sector – a wide range of materials and conversion technologies, this complexity needed to be addressed to bring a clearer picture the dynamic sector and its future potential. With this sound foundation, the AEBIOM Statistical Report has been enriched each year with new sections and figures. This enabled the creation of a unique collection of statistics recording developments of the European bioenergy market for over a decade. AEBIOM also strengthened the number of its national and international contributors to provide the most accurate statistics based on EU-harmonised definitions and concepts. Finally, with the development of AEBIOM’s umbrella organisations (EPC, EIPS, and IBTC), the Statistical Report has been enhanced with specific market analyses regarding pellet market developments, allowing AEBIOM to now possess one of the most detailed reports that helps the industry, policymakers and investors to follow market trends, build strategies, and make informed decisions.

Since the 2014 edition, AEBIOM has published the report in two different formats: The Key Findings version, which is a free of charge summary setting out the key outcomes for a broad audience, and a paid Full Report for industry professionals. In 2015, the Full Report was expanded to include over 100 additional pages listing all European support schemes for bioenergy.

Following the success of the 2015 edition that saw over 3500 downloads for the Key Findings alone, we are eager to present the 2016 AEBIOM Statistical Report which was released 20th of October. Last year, the AEBIOM Statistical Report proposed for the first time market forecasts which have been officially presented during AEBIOM’s annual conference: European Bioenergy Future on the 16th and 17th November 2016.

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