Market Deployment

As torrefied biomass can effectively work as a co-fired or stand-alone fuel, IBTC’s main objective is to promote this technology and push the key investors, stakeholders as well as policy-makers to transform torrefied biomass in a commodity fuel worldwide. Therefore, it is a key priority for IBTC to create favourable conditions for the implementation of the torrefaction market, at a global scale, also in order to assist and create benefits for its members. IBTC members are costantly provided with interesting and profitable business initiatives.

Although the standards for the establishment of torrefied biomass have been already achieved, IBTC pushes for reaching new ones while monitoring and actively participating to achieve permissions and certifications for the product. IBTC is currently committed to reach new results on standardisation, REACH registration, IMO code and national legislation.

In order to promote this clean energy technology, IBTC identifies the potential market barriers and the administrative burdens existing at a national and international level, and it engages with relevant industry partners and policy actors to tackle them.