Market Intelligence

Bioenergy, is an expanding energy sector, covering a wide range of materials and conversion technologies. For this reason IBTC is working hard to give a clear overview of the sector, its dynamics and potential, by collecting data and statistics on the evolution of the bioenergy and torrefaction markets over the past decade.

IBTC is also in charge for monitoring the latest market development in bioenergy and torrefaction according to the insights of the press and the policy. All the major data collected in the field of torrefaction, have been gathered in Bioenergy Europe’s Statistical Report, a leading yearly publication on solid bioenergy. The publication is an important tool to have a better understanding of the past and current state of bioenergy at EU level. The report could help industry, investors, policy-makers, stakeholders and bioenergy professionals to be aware as well as follow the market trends for taking important initiatives.