Advocating for the interests of the bioenergy sector on a global scale has been the core mission of Bioenergy Europe since its foundation. IBTC, as a Bioenergy Europe sub-organisation is actively contributing and participating in this process. In a context of intense legislative activities around bioenergy until 2020, both Policy and Communications services are mobilised to ensure that the voice of the sector is heard.

As the 2016 Clean Energy Package reveals, bioenergy is going to have a major role towards the global energy transition and in tackling climate change. In this sense, the course that IBTC is pursuing involves torrefied biomass, which can be a potential high-efficient energy solution to substitute fossil fuels.

The added value of using such an interesting energy technology like torrefied biomass, is to eliminate CO2 emissions while improving the biomass properties for other applications. Moreover, torrefied biomass can count on a similar calorific value as coal and it is very easy to store, even in a open environment. IBTC truly believes in the untapped power of torrefied biomass, and for this reason is engaged in different academic studies and publications.